Will I receive a free consultation? 
Yes, consultations with CLO are free. Most consultations are limited to 15 to 30 minutes.

How quickly will I be able to talk to a lawyer? 
You will be contacted by our office within 3 business days once you submit your Intake Request Form from our website. For faster service, please provide as much information as possible on the intake form.
Direct link to our Intake Form: https://www.communitylawoffice.com/contact

Does CLO offer payment plans? 
Most of our attorneys offer payment plans. If you cannot afford the proposed fee, just ask your attorney if they can break it up into a few payments and we can usually work with you.

What are unbundled services? 
With unbundled legal services, you are hiring your lawyer to help you with only a portion of your case.[CONNECT TO BLOG POST]

What services does Community Law Office (CLO) provide? 

Here is a link directly to our Services page on our website with further information on each service - but CLO provides representation for the following:

  • Divorce & Custody

  • Adoption/Guardianship

  • Employment Discrimination

  • Housing Discrimination

  • End of Life Planning (Will, Trust, Medical Power of Attorney, Living Will)

  • Police Misconduct

Where are you located? 
We are located in the Czech Village in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Our address is: 87 16th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

There is parking available along the street in front of our building or there is public parking on 17th Ave SW. There is handicap parking available behind our building. If you park in front, please walk to the back and come in our door there (there is a sidewalk on either side of our building). Once inside, you will either take the stairs or the elevator to the 2nd floor.

Give us a call if you need directions and we’ll be happy to help you. Phone: 319-200-7050.

Are appointments required or can I walk in and talk to someone? 
Meetings are by appointment only.

What does a paperless law office mean? 

A paperless office is simply one that has less paper. Digitizing our law firm allows us to easily organize our files, while having 24/7 access to important documents when we need them. As a client, you are able to login to your client profile at any time and check the status of your case, review important documents, communicate with CLO staff, and upload materials. [BLOG POST LINK]

How do I get updates on my case? 
Once you are a client, your case is entered into a secure system we use called MyCase.
You’ll set up a username and password. Once you have created your account, you can login anytime to MyCase and check the status of your matter. Our office will also send you emails in MyCase on any updates.

How do I pay Community Law Office? 

Once you are a client, each month you will receive an invoice link from MyCase to make payments.

What is MyCase? 

MyCase is an all-in-one case management software that CLO uses. MyCase allows us to keep all of your documents secure and safe. It provides tools we need to improve organization, increase efficiency, manage documents, billing, and invoicing or collecting payments. MyCase has it covered in one location to make everything easier on the client.

Once you are a client, you will receive email information with instructions of how to login. If you have any issues registering or accessing your client portal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What does the MyCase Client Portal allow the client to do?
* Access documents that CLO has shared, as well as upload documents the client wishes to share

* Electronically sign documents

* Review documents CLO has drafted before we file

* View and pay invoices, as well view payment history

* View the status of your case

* Send emails, texts or messages through the “Communications” tab

* View any upcoming appointments you have with CLO